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"Bianca Lincks is a synonym of excellence when it comes to real estate marketing. Beautiful, expansive, friendly and super competent has already signed some of the best events in the construction and real estate industry in Santa Catarina - Brazil. And now the journalist teaches social media training to marketing professionals, using the knowledge of Kotler's MKT 3.0 and clarifies strategic planning." Barbara Reiter - Sales and Marketing Consultant

"We highly recommend Bianca Lincks, because her job performance was outstanding. She brought to Farma&Farma her qualities of talent, dedication and hard work. She had created our new brand repositioning and, also, all the campaigns, sales and promotional materials, digital marketing strategies, event planning and marketing support to our franchisees. Besides, she was our speaker at Conference of Pharmacists in Sao Paulo, in 2010. It had been a great learning to work with Bianca for more than 10 years. Professionalism and competence always." Rinaldo Ferreira - CEO Farma & Farma Franchising Group

"Bianca is an excellent professional, always with innovative and bold ideas. She managed to create the visual identity of my company Equilíbrio Laboral in a perfect way! All the campaigns carried out by Bianca had a great return and positive results! Lead a specialized and proactive team! I recommend Bianca's services with closed eyes, and without a doubt, they will have great and surprising results." Andrea Mera - CEO Equilíbrio Laboral

"Bianca’s job performance was exceptional. She had launched new projects as the Press Award which we keep doing every year to prevent traffic accidents. She has strong public speaking and interpersonal communication skills, for example, she was the speaker at our Convention in 2015, she presented the new technologies and digital marketing strategies to more than 300 attendees." Andre Andreazza - Fenabrave-SC Director

"About the Social Media Training I can say that it is super important course for those who want to learn or upgrade the digital marketing level. It expanded my knowledge and led us in a right way for the creation of our blog. Very good, congratulations Bianca." Camilla Vital

"Participating in this training has extended my professionalism, directed new goals within a context, which we can no longer ignore, we have to accept the Internet and move forward, because the social media is powerful !!! I was in the hands of competent professionals engaged to teach the best content and strategies ... CONGRATULATIONS BIANCA LINCKS! Only thanks and wish more success ... if today I do a better job is thanks to you!!! ". Dary Kumakola - Public Relations

"Lincks Marketing begins its activities demonstrating an excellent vision of the market and with valuable content for the business positioning." Diego Lima - Life Coach

"For me, who decided to create a blog and knew that I did not have much information on the tools of operation, it was surprising, because almost everything was new and served to elaborate a complete plan for this new project." Manuela Vital - Musician 

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